A Motion Picture Lighting Company

MCP-Pictures equipment inventory is well maintained and in excellent condition.  Michael Confer, who is owner of MCP-Pictures and also a Gaffer with over 20 years of motion picture experience.  Our lighting and grip gear is supplied by many of the leading manufactures.  Grip gear from Matthew's, Avenger, Modern, Advantage and Dana Dolly.  Lighting instruments from Arri M18 HMI's and Arri Tungsten Fresnels units.  ETC Source Four Parnels, (fresnel focusable par cans), to 4x4 Kinoflo's, Select 30 LED Kinoflo’s and 2x4 Diva 400's units​​

Welcome to MCP-Pictures.  We Provide motion picture lighting and grip truck rental equipment to the Philadelphia film community.  Our Extended Cargo Van carries more than one-ton of video and still production gear.  Our Grip package unloads in ten minutes with two hampers and two magliners that roll down a fold-out ramp attached to the van.  MCP-Pictures Extended Cargo Van carries almost as much as some 3-ton trucks.  Our truck is also low profile and can park in many 7 foot tall parking garages.​  Check out our equipment list and give us a call.